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LOOK Road bikes

Look carbon road bike and bicycles Sydney Australia Woolys Wheels

Woolys Wheels is excited to announce availability of the Look Carbon road bike range including the 675, 695 in Light and Aero versions, the 765 and aero weapon 795. Available as framesets only or complete builds, these state-of-the-art bikes will take your performance to the next level.

LOOK 675
The Look 675 frameset blurs the line between traditional 'performance' and 'endurance' bikes, offering a ride that is equal parts smooth and comfortable, snappy and efficient.

LOOK 695
Ultra-light and efficient, the 695 is the ideal Look bike for regular riders, competitors and connoisseurs. Balanced geometry for climbs, sprints and all-day epics make this an ideal choice no matter what the day brings.

LOOK 765
The Look 765 features all of Look's latest carbon innovations. Combining 2 types of fibre, carbon and flax, helps improve the bike's comfort without adding weight. The 'endurance' geometry - slightly easier to reach the handlebars and more relaxed in its steering and responsiveness - will suit the rider that values an efficient bike they can ride for a long time without as much fatigue.

LOOK 795
This is simply the fastest Look available. The 795 benefits from Look's years of pioneering aerodynamic development, bringing aero benefits to all riders regardless of experience and speed. The 795 is super light at less than 800g, with firm and responsive ride character. It jumps off the line, corners as though on rails, and transmits a strong sense of road connection to the rider.